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The Dash Research Group

Nanochemistry Laboratory

Nanocatalysis | Photocatalysis | Gas-sensing | Toxic-ion Removal

Dash Research Group: Current News


New Research Funding
from SERB as Mentor

One research funding from SERB has been received with Dr. Dash as Mentor under SERB-TARE scheme (2022-2025).


New paper in ACS Appl. Elec. Mater.

Congratulations Shital, whose paper on efficient NO2 gas detection, got accepted in ACS Applied Electronic Materials.


New Paper in I & EC Research

Congratulations Vishal, whose paper on CuCo Alloy nanoparticle on g-C3N4 Sheet as novel photocatalyst, got accepted in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.


Nanochemistry Laboratory

Department of Chemistry

National Institute of Technology Rourkela

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